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"At this fragile time in our history, when societal divisions seem to dominate the news, I felt the time was right to introduce my historical sepiatone photographic series focusing on Tulsa's beautiful sanctuaries of worship. These are places people flock to that offer peace, comfort, friendship, stability and tradition."
- Gaylord Oscar Herron

Photographed with 8x10 format Deardorff camera to correct for architectural perspective distortions.

First United Methodist Church
11th & S. Boulder

First Baptist Church
Oklahoma St & N. Greenwood

United Methodist Church
13th & S. Boston

First Nazarene Church
12th & Delaware

Anchor of Hope Church
Haskell & N. Quincy

St John's Episcopal Church
41st & Atlanta

Tulsa Baptist Temple
12th & Columbia

Beams of Light Church
11th & S. Harvard

First Baptist Church
4th & Cincinnati

First Presbyterian
7th & Boston

Redeemed by Grace
Archer & N. Zunis

Crowell Heights Baptist
13th & S. Canton

All Souls Unitarian Church
30th & S. Peoria

First Christian Church
9th & S. Boulder

Bowen Baptist Church
Archer & N. Quaker

St. Francis Catholic Church
Admiral & Lewis

United Methodist
13th & S. Boston

N Greenwood

Holy Family Cathedral
8th & S. Boulder

West Tulsa Methodist
West 19th & S. Pheonix

Christian Science Church
10th & S. Boston

Christ the King Catholic Church
15th & S. Quincy

First Baptist Church
5th & S. Cincinnati

Fairview Methodist Church
Fairview & N. Denver

Eastside Christian Church
15th & S. Harvard

Old Immanuel Baptist Church
2nd & Xanthus

Grace Lutheran Church
5th & S. Lewis

Vernon Chapel AME Church
N. Greenwood

N. Greenwood

Harvard Ave. Baptist Church
18th & Harvard

Rose Hill United Methodist
Independence & Louisville

Tulsa Indian Baptist Church
13th & S. Quaker

Sixth Church Christ Scientist
36th & S. Lewis

Southminster Presbyterian
34th & Peoria

Mt. Zion Baptist Church
N. Elgin

New Life Family Church
Virgin & N. Peoria

Nogales Baptist Church
2nd & S. Nogales

St. Paul's United Methodist
15th & S. Rockford

Glory Refuge Church
22nd & Pheonix

Church of Christ
10th & Rockford


Southwest Nazarine Church
20th & Southwest Blvd.

St. Anthony's Christian Church
6th & S. Columbia

Former Synagogue
14th & S. Carson

Trinity Epicopal Church
5th & Cincinnati

University United Methodist
5th & S. Florence (TU)

Unity Church
19th & S. Baltimore

Will Rogers Methodist
11th & S. Pittsburg

Luke's Episcapol Church
7th & S. Yale

Morning Star Baptist
Pine & N. Norfolk

New Haven United Methodist
59th & S. Yale
Gaylord Herron's photos and "Vagabond" art book can be purchased at

G. Oscar Bicycle
1623 S. Main, Tulsa, OK 74119
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