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The welded bicycle frames railing around G. Oscar Bicycle in Tulsa quickly indicates this is no ordinary bike shop.

Sure, the Shop offers the wide selection of new and used bikes and bike parts and the repair services customers expect, but why does it also feel like an art gallery?

The answer is in the Shop's decor, which represents 45+ years of creative works by Gaylord Oscar Herron.

Everywhere one looks there is handmade furniture, paintings, published books and historic and recent photographs of Tulsa architecture, people and neighborhoods.

A gregarious, affable man, Herron laughingly confesses photography to be his true love, but the bike shop pays the bills.

Gaylord Oscar Herron

for sale at

G. Oscar Bicycle
1623 S. Main
Tulsa, OK 74119


Featured Series:

Gaylord Herron's newest creative series combines photography and illustration. TreeAge reveals the majestic beauty of old growth trees found throughout Tulsa. Gaylord begins the artistic process by taking high resolution treescapes through his car window. He then prints selected images in large format to draw on with color pencils to enhance, exaggerate and/or embellish features in each scene. The finished artworks are then scanned at 800 dpi to reprint as high resolution 16 " x 24" archival color prints.

Sanctuary Gallery Series

Employing an 8 x 10 view camera to correct architectural perspective, Gaylord photographed 50 of Tulsa's houses of worship to complete this Sanctuary series. See Gallery

The Series emphasizes the role these buildings play as sanctuaries of peace and harmony in a divisive world.

Order any 8 x 10 sepia toned silver archival prints at
G. Oscar Bicycle.

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